Free Teddy Bear Templates for Kids

If you want to decorate your classroom walls with teddy bears, or provide your kids with a few teddy bear pictures for a cut and paste art project, print one of these free teddy bear templates for kids. The color teddy bear sheet features various sized teddy bears in 3 different colors. The black and white version is simply a copy of the color version, but kids can color it themselves. You will also find a blank teddy bear template, and teddy bear coloring page.

Printing Instructions: When printing, be sure to toggle on “Scale to Fit” in your print settings. Each of these sheets was designed to fit on standard letter-sized paper (8.5″x11″). The files have been saved as 1200×927 pixel jpegs.

Teddy Bear Templates

Please click one of the teddy bear templates to go to its download page.

teddy bear templates printable teddy bear templates

Activity Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for using these bear templates:

  1. Ask your kids to draw a scene and paste the teddy bear in it.
  2. Combine a teddy bear picture with the popup book template to create a mini popup card.

Blank Teddy Bear Template

With this teddy bear template, kids can use their own creativity to draw a face on the teddy bear.
teddy bear template

Teddy Bear Coloring Page

Finally, here’s the teddy bear coloring page for kids.

teddy bear coloring page

He looks a bit like gummy bear doesn’t he? That give me another idea. You could use gummy bears as game pieces, and make your own board game about teddy bears using one of these blank board game templates.

Teddy Bear Color by Numbers

And I also found this color by numbers from an older post, featuring the same teddy bear.

teddy bear activity

That about sums it up! Thanks for stopping by my website. If you have any suggestions, questions, and above all, compliments, please leave a comment, or send me an email. Have a wonderful day! – Tim




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