Horse Templates

If you’re making a diorama or decorating a scrapbook or journal, print this fun horse template shapes to brighten up your craft. Over the summer I volunteered at a children’s activity center in the Netherlands, and the number one drawing request I got from the kids was, you guessed it, a horse. At the activity center there were several ponies, and I was asked to draw each one again and again. And now, thanks to these horse printables, you too can have a horse drawn by yours truly. You can use them for any personal/educational craft, such as felt boards, school activities, dioramas etc. Best of luck on your art project!

Printable Horse Templates

Horse Shapes Horse Templates

Horse printables
1-Inch Horse Printables
Horse shapes for kids
2-Inch Horse Printables
printable horse stencils
3-Inch Horse Printables
Horse printable sheet
4-Inch Horse Printables
blank Horse template
5-Inch Horse Shape
Horse shape stencil
6-Inch Horse Shape
Horse outline
7-Inch Horse Stencil
Horse Templates / Horse Shape Printables
8-Inch Horse Stencil

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