Lightning Bolt Templates

Lightning Bolt Templates Lightning Bolt Shapes

Free Printable Lightning-Bolt Templates

Download these printable lightning bolt templates for art crafts. Flash! Bang! With lightning comes thunder, and rain, and as I write this it’s actually pouring outside, a late summer thunderstorm, which I’m enjoying, but unfortunately terrifies my dog.

Continuing my collection of free printable templates that you can use for your creative art projects, on this page you’ll find a set of lightning bolt shape printables. Cut them out and use them to make patterns, as decorations or stencils, or as part of a diorama. These lightning bolt templates are free to print for personal and educational use. The printables above are a collection of various sized lightning bolts. These have been saved in JPEG format. And below is a set of black and white PDF templates, with the shapes ranging in size from 1 inch tall to 10 inches tall. These templates work particularly well for crafts and activities related to weather for kids, or if kids are learning about mythology.

lightning bolt shape
2.5-Inch Lightning Bolts
lightning bolt templates
5-Inch Lightning Bolts
lightning bolt outline
7.5-Inch Lightning Bolts
lightning bolt stencil
10-Inch Lightning Bolts

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