Maple Leaf Templates

Maple Leaf Templates Maple Leaf Shapes

Printable Maple Leaf Templates

Free printable maple leaf templates for your arts & crafts. Print these maple leaf shapes onto construction paper or cardboard to make your own decorations. You can include them in art projects about fall, nature or Canada, where the maple leaf is the national symbol.

The first maple leaf template contains maple leaves in 3 different sizes and colors: green, red, and yellow. The second maple leaf template has the same sizes in black and white, so that you or your students can color them to your liking. Around each leaf shape is a faint dotted line to guide you while cutting.

If you want to make these leaves last a while, print them onto sturdy paper and then laminate both sides. Some suggested uses: Print these shapes to create a maple leaf border, pin them onto classroom bulletin boards and doors to create a fall ambiance, and paste them in scrapbooks around photos taken in autumn.

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