Nine Pointed Stars

A nine pointed star is known as a enneagram or a nonagram. If you’re decorating a poster or a bulletin board for school, and want add some 9 pointed stars, download one of these free star sheet PDFs! The stars come in all different sizes.

The smallest stars are 1 inch wide, and the largest is 8 inches wide. But of course you can also scale them further in your printer settings. They can be cut and pasted onto countless creative projects. But I leave that up to you to decide. I like to think of my printables as little 2D Lego blocks. I’ll provide the pieces, you come up with the creative way to use them.

If you want your shapes to be durable, print them on cardstock or construction paper, or laminated them.

Printable Nine Pointed Star Templates

nine pointed star shapes
1-Inch Nine Pointed Stars
9 sided stars
2-Inch Nine Pointed Star Shapes
9 pointed stars
3-Inch Nine Pointed Star Shapes
nine sided stars
4-Inch Nine Pointed Star Shapes
5-Inch Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
9 pointed star
7-Inch 9 Sided Star
nine sided star shape
8-Inch 9 Sided Star

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