Paw Print Template Shapes

Printable paw print templates for all your animal-themed / pet-themed arts and crafts. As with most of my templates, I’ve provided you with several different sized blank paw print shapes, so download the one that’s best for your project. These printables are great for making paw print backgrounds and paw print decorations.

Here are a few suggested uses: The tiny 1″ paw prints can used to construct a border for a poster for school or an dog-themed event. the 2″ inch paw prints could work well on a bulletin board design for school, or a classroom activity related to students’ pets or favorite animals. The 3″ and 4″ paw print shapes might work well for making stamps or other arts and crafts. The 5″ inch shapes to 8″ shapes would work well as paw print stencils or writing templates for students. They can also be used as coloring pages of course. It’s all really up to you to decide. Enjoy your art project!

Printable Paw Print Templates

Printable Paw Print Stickers Printable Paw Print Templates

Paw print printables
1-Inch Paw print Stickers
Paw print shapes for kids
2-Inch Paw Print Stickers
printable paw print stencils
3-Inch Paw Print Printables
Paw print printable sheet
4-Inch Paw Print Printables
blankpaw print template
5-Inch Paw Print Shape
Paw print shape stencil
6-Inch Paw Print Shape
Paw print outline
7-Inch Paw Print Stencil
Paw print Templates / Paw Print Shape Printables
8-Inch Paw Print Stencil

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