Printable Elephant Templates for Kids

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Elephants are surely in the top ten list of favorite animals for most kids. The trunks, the big floppy ears, the trumpeting sound, what’s not to like?

If your children want to include elephants in their art crafts, print these fun elephant shape template. They make great decorations, coloring pages, and cut outs. Best of all, no drawing skills required!

You’re allowed to include these free elephant templates in any personal and educational art project you’re working on.

Students and teachers often use them in flyers, signs, posters, paintings, crafts and as stencils.


Free Printable Elephant Templates

Elephant shapes for arts & crafts

Elephant TemplatesElephant Shapes

The width of each shape increases from 1 inch up to 8 inches. The shapes have been saved onto 8.5×11 inch sheets for no-hassle printing, so they will fit perfectly onto letter-size printer paper. So if you need some elephants for your art project, but don’t know how to draw them, or don’t have the time, this is the solution for you!

As usual, these printables are available free of charge. Please download for personal/educational use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

Enjoy these adorable pachyderms! Till next time!

Elephant printables
1-Inch Elephant Printables
Elephant shapes for kids
2-Inch Elephant Printables
printable elephant stencils
3-Inch Elephant Printables
Elephant printable sheet
4-Inch Elephant Printables
elephant craft
5-Inch Elephant Shape
Elephant shape stencil
6-Inch Elephant Shape
Elephant decoration
7-Inch Elephant Shape
Elephant Templates / Elephant Shape Printables
8-Inch Elephant Shape

1 thought on “Printable Elephant Templates for Kids”

  1. I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing these! I am a grandma that stays at home with four of my grandchildren and I have enjoyed being able to use your templates. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on these kind of things, so “free” is a blessing to me. Thank you again! May God bless you for your kindness!!

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