Printable Footprint Templates & Shoeprint Templates

If you or your students need footprint templates or shoeprint templates for an arts and crafts project, you’ve come to the right place! On this page you’ll find four sheets of printable shapes. With these shapes you can create footprint patterns for your artwork. You can also use the shoeprints to create tracks for a detective themed lesson with your students. You can also use these footprint shapes to decorate bulletin boards and school projects.

Please click a template sheet below to visit the corresponding download page.

Printable Footprint Templates

The first sheet contains red, green, yellow and blue footprints. The second sheet contains a bunch of black & white footprint outlines.

footprint templates footprint shapes


Printable Shoeprint Templates

Choose from shoeprint silhouettes or shoeprint outlines.

shoeprint templates shoeprint silhouette





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