Printable Six Pointed Star Templates

Star shapes are a fitting addition to all kinds of creative work. If you need a bunch of six pointed stars for your artwork, but don’t feel like drawing them all by hand, just print them instead! Then cut them out and paste them onto your drawing, painting, whatever it is you’re creating.

Choose from 8 different sizes, between 1 and 8 inches in width. They’re free to download as PDFs. Simply click on a sheet below to go the corresponding attachment page.

These downloads are free for personal & educational purposes. (You many not download my printables for commercial use.)

You may use these six pointed star stencils as part of any personal creative work, such as art projects, booklets, diorama, stickers, and signs.

Finally, if you need to print some different shapes, be sure to visit the Tim’s Shape Templates page.

Printable Six Pointed Star Templates

six pointed star shapes
1-Inch Six Pointed Stars
6 sided stars
2-Inch Six Pointed Star Shapes
6 pointed stars
3-Inch Six Pointed Star Shapes
six sided stars
4-Inch Six Pointed Star Shapes


6 pointed star
5-Inch Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
6 pointed star
7-Inch 6 Sided Star
six sided star shape
8-Inch 6 Sided Star

2 thoughts on “Printable Six Pointed Star Templates”

  1. Thank you so much for this special and generous sharing of these patterns, so helpful. Blessings of gratitude to you!

  2. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate finding your site! It is really awesome of you to share all the patterns with others for free. Being elderly and very poor can make it difficult sometimes to find even simple things anymore without someone trying to dig into your pocket for money you don’t have. Blessings and Thanks to you and yours –

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