Sixteen Pointed Stars

This page contains a set of sixteen pointed star shapes in various sizes. Easy to make in Illustrator, but difficult to draw by hand. You can download these figures as PDF sheets for free. Add them to school projects, arts & crafts, scrapbooks, and cut and paste art for kids.

Choose from 8 different sizes. The smallest sixteen-sided stars are only 1 inch wide. The largest width is 8 inches.

You can also use these printables to create reward medals for kids, by printing them on yellow construction paper. If you want these shapes to last, I suggest laminating them, and printing them on cardstock. The bigger shapes are fun for kids to draw inside. You can also use them as a sign for an event.

If you need different shapes, you can find many more at Tim’s Shape Templates.

Printable Sixteen Pointed Star Templates

Select the sheet you need for your art!

sixteen pointed star shapes
1-Inch Sixteen Pointed Stars
16 sided stars
2-Inch Sixteen Pointed Star Shapes
16 pointed stars
3-Inch Sixteen Pointed Star Shapes
sixteen sided stars
4-Inch Sixteen Pointed Star Shapes


5-Inch Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
7-Inch 16 Sided Star
sixteen sided star shape
8-Inch 16 Sided Star

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