Starfish Template

Print a free starfish template for preschool art. Kids can cut and paste the sea stars. Teachers can add the starfish shapes to an “Under the Sea” lesson. Parents can use the starfish pictures to teach about numbers. Elementary school students can include the starfish images in book reports, collages, and dioramas. They can also be printed to make beach decorations, patterns, borders, felt storyboards, and booklets.

Printable Starfish Templates

Starfish Shapes Starfish TemplatesStarfish Template Starfish Outline

Printable Starfish Template Craft Ideas

Suggestions for Parents  and Teachers

Use the starfish templates to make the following crafts:

1. Ocean Cut & Paste Activity – Have your kids create an ocean scene made from construction paper. Paste starfish along with seashells, fish and sharks. Then ask them to write a few sentences about their creation.

2. Starfish Booklet – Create a starfish-shaped vacation journal! Print the large color starfish template for the front and back cover. For the page inserts, print the starfish outline.

3. Starfish Counting Activity – If your preschooler is learning how to count, print the starfish as tokens. Present him or her with various numbers of starfish. Ask how many are shown each time.

4. Decorate a Beach-Theme Bulletin Board – As summer draws near, decorate a school bulletin board with starfish, sand castles, sail boats, dolphins and palm trees.

5. Starfish wall decorations – Print the large starfish outline as a stencil to paint starfish on a beach house wall.

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