Ten Pointed Stars

A ten pointed star is also known as a decagram. If you want to include this neat shape in your art craft, then download one of these free PDF star sheets from Tim’s Printables! These 10 sided stars vary in size, from 1 inch wide up to 8 inches wide. I’ve labeled each sheet, so you know what size shape is one each one.

These shapes can be added many different art projects. They’re particularly popular for scrapbooks, cut and paste art for kids, and quilting.

To print, simply click on the star printable of your choice. You’ll be taken the printable’s attachment page. Then click the blue link to open the PDF in your browser. Then save it to your computer or send it to your printer.

And if you want to make durable shapes that will last a while, print them on cardstock or thick construction paper.

Printable Ten Pointed Star Templates

ten pointed star shapes
1-Inch Ten Pointed Stars
10 sided stars
2-Inch Ten Pointed Star Shapes
10 pointed stars
3-Inch Ten Pointed Star Shapes
ten sided stars
4-Inch Ten Pointed Star Shapes


5-Inch Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
7-Inch 10 Sided Star
ten sided star shape
8-Inch 10 Sided Star

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