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treeAdd a dash of nature to your creative projects with these free tree templates and tree printables. Cut them out as decorations for the classroom, as a background for a diorama, or as part of a homemade toy or craft. The illustration is available in five unique versions, so choose the one that best suits your project. (These tree drawings may be used for personal and educational purpose only. Commercial use is prohibited.)

Tree Templates

To download one of these printable tree templates, click the tree printable of your choice. A larger high resolution drawing will open in your browser. Right-click on it and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer. To print the image, open it in your favorite image viewing program, and send it to your printer.

There first tree template is a line drawing of a large tree. This printable can also be downloaded as a tree coloring page for kids.

Tree Template

Next, we have the tree without its leaves, as it would look in the winter.

Tree Drawing

Here is the same tree printable in full color. Print this version if you don’t enjoy coloring. Scale it the size you need, and include it in a scrapbook, art project or school craft.

Tree Picture

Next, here we have a very basic outline of a tree. This may be useful for those of you creating a tree out of construction paper, felt or cloth.

Tree Template PrintableLast but not least, an apple tree. And if you’d like to download the apple printables that were used in this illustration, follow the image link in the related printables section below.

tree templates

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