Twelve Pointed Stars

Attempting to find a high-quality printable twelve pointed star template?  Here is a set of PDFs containing 12 sided star shapes.

The size of shapes on the pages varies between 1 inch and 8 inches in width. I’ve placed each of these templates onto letter-sized sheets, so when you print, they should fit precisely on your page. These printables may be helpful for people who don’t have access to programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Chances are, they’ll also save you some time, and that’s always nice. And these printables won’t cost you a penny!

You’re allowed to include these free twelve sided star outlines in any personal art project you’re working on.

People often use them in flyers, signs, posters, paintings, crafts and as stencils for painting.

Printable Twelve Pointed Star Templates

twelve pointed star shapes
1-Inch Twelve Pointed Stars
12 sided stars
2-Inch Twelve Pointed Star Shapes
12 pointed stars
3-Inch Twelve Pointed Star Shapes
twelve sided stars
4-Inch Twelve Pointed Star Shapes


5-Inch Star Template
printable shapes for kids
6-Inch Star Template
7-Inch 12 Sided Star
twelve sided star shape
8-Inch 12 Sided Star

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