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Umbrella Template Printables | Umbrella Decorations

Umbrella Template PrintableSpring brings rain and renewal, and it’s time to decorate the classroom with an assortment of spring related images. Here are few umbrella template printables for teachers to add to their collections and use in the classroom. They can be for a wide variety of creative projects and crafts. Students, add them to a school poster or assignment. Use them as clip art in a Powerpoint presentation about weather. Teachers, print out an umbrella template for each student, and let them design their own umbrellas using art supplies, coloring pencils, markers and crayons.

Umbrella Template Printables & Umbrella Decorations

To download one of these templates, right click any of the umbrella printables below. Then press “Save Link As…” to save it to your computer. The first printable is a line illustration. Kids can color this, and use it for collages, scrapbooks, and art projects.

Umbrella Template

This drawing may be useful for those of you who wish to trace an umbrella shape into cardboard, construction paper, or felt.

Printable Template

Next, here are few color umbrella decorations. For best results, print these out on cardstock paper and laminate them. Then you can pin them to a bulletin board and use them again and again. When printing, be sure to scale the image to the size you need.


Paper Umbrella Template

Finally, here’s are 2 pictures of umbrellas in the rain.

printable  Umbrella Template Printable

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