Printable history timeline worksheets for classrooms | Social Studies


On this page you will find three unique printable history timeline worksheets for classrooms in both color and black and white. These blank timeline worksheets are an excellent tool for Social Studies and History projects. They can be used for a wide range of courses, including US History, World History, European History, and Political Science. Two of the timeline worksheets are chronology based, while the other timeline focuses on specific dates.

Printable History Timelines

Printable history timeline worksheets
This timeline worksheet can be used to organizing historic events in chronological order. Print multiple copies of this timeline and tape it to the classroom wall to create one very large timeline.


history timeline worksheets
This second history timeline is date specific. Draw lines from the boxes to the specific date on the timeline. The actual dates, of course are up to you, as is the time scale. The tick marks could signify individual years, decades, or centuries.

Blank Timeline Worksheets for Kids

history timeline worksheets
This is another chronology timeline. Cut out the rows and tape them one after another for a long chronology timeline for the classroom.

Black and White History Timelines

history timeline worksheets
This is same timeline as the first color one, only it’s in black and white. (I imagine not everyone wants to print color copies for every kid in the class.)


printable history timeline
The date specific timeline in black and white.


history timeline for classroom
The second chronology timeline in black and white.




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