States and Capitals Worksheets

Here are a few useful resources for Social Studies teachers and students. Memorizing the states and capitals of the USA? Print the flash cards or state and capital list below, and then test your knowledge with the states & capitals quizzes. Next, print a USA map and see if you can locate all the states. You’ll know you’ve got it mastered if you can complete the blank map without error. Finally, for a bit of fun, download the bald eagle coloring page. This fierce and beautiful bird represents the USA, freedom, liberty and endless possibility!

All this content is available for free to help students learn and teachers teach. It may be used only for personal and educational purposes.

State and Capitals QuizStates-and-Capitals-FlashcardsStates and Capitals ListList of States in Alphabetical OrderStates and Capitals MapBlank USA Map with StatesBlank US MapBald Eagle Coloring Page

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