Space Mazes for Kids: Travel the Stars from Start to Finish!

Help the astronaut climb up the rocket maze to the finish at the cockpit.

Guide the retro sci-fi hero across the Martian landscape to his spaceship, and avoid the sinister aliens along the way.

Lead a space alien through a tangle of asteroids, and finally, fly among the stars from start to finish.

All of these adventures take place in the following hand-drawn space maze printables. Give them to your students to enjoy as a fun classroom activity when their brains need a break from all that learning. Present them to your children as an alternative to the digital entertainment of video games and mobile devices.

Space Mazes

Color Versions

Got a color printer? Then print these fancy full-color activity pages.

free space maze for kidsprintable space maze space puzzlespace activity for kids

Space Mazes

Black & White Versions

And here are the black & white versions, so kids can color the space maze after they’ve solved it.

space maze challenge space activity science printablescience activity for school




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