Printable Star Templates

Stars are rather tricky to draw by hand. If you need to draw a star for an art project, why not use a printable star template? Save yourself some time, and print out any of the star templates available on this Tim’s Printables resource page.

The star shapes range in size, from 1 inch to 7 inches. Each set has been saved as a letter-sized PDF file. This means easy, hassle-free printing for you.

So take a moment and find the right-sized star set for your project. Then click on the image to open the PDF in your browser. Of course, you may also use these star templates for other personal creative works, such as labels, booklets, stickers, stencils and signs.

Printable Star Templates – Color

Here’s a collection of star templates of various colors.

Legacy Star Templates

This is a collection of star templates I created back in 2014.

Craft Ideas

You can print these templates for countless creative crafts. Kids can cut and paste them for creative art projects at home or in school. Grown ups can use them for their own decorations and designs. Cut them out as stencils or as outlines for a star made of cardboard, wood or other substance.


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