3 Circle Venn Diagram Templates | Blank Printable Graphic Organizers

This page offers four free 3 circle Venn Diagram Templates in PDF format. These blank printable graphic organizers are great for wide variety of things, and can be used both in the office and the classroom. Venn diagrams are an excellent tool to consolidate information when writing a compare and contrast essay, trying pick the best of several potential solutions, and even to teach children the basics concepts of similarities and differences.

Each of the four templates below offers a slightly different version of the 3 circle template. Pick whichever one you think will be serve your needs. To save the graphic organizer to your computer, click on the image to open up the PDF file in your browser. From there, you should be able to save the file.

3 Circle Venn Diagram Templates
The first 3 circle Venn Diagram worksheet is the most straight forward of the four available templates. At the top is a line for the title of the graphic organizer. The lines jutting out from the circles are for the three topics to compare and contrast. On the right are several lines for any additional notes.
3 Way Venn Diagram Templates
The second three way Venn Diagram graphic organizer has additional shading where the circles overlap, to help emphasize the similarities between the compared topics.
3 Way Venn Diagram Graphic Organizers
The third tri venn diagram has dotted lines where the circles overlap.
3 Circle Venn Diagram Organizers
The fourth three circle venn diagram has lines inside the diagram to help you neatly write in the contents.

If you’re having trouble seeing the PDF file, you may need a new version of Abode Acrobat Reader.

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