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If you’d like to create you own award certificate for such an occasion, this page provides several free printable award certificate template. One of the best and simplest ways to show appreciation to a child, student, or colleague is by giving them an award certificate.  When a person receives acknowledgement and positive reinforcement, he or she will be encouraged to keep up the good work.

The first set of templates are simple PDF templates, which you can fill out by hand. The second set of award certificates are Microsoft Word templates, which can be edited on the computer in Microsoft Word. The last set of templates is a set of blank award certificate templates, so you can write the entire thing by hand. This last set may be particularly useful for teachers who are creating certificates for younger students.

Award Certificate Templates

PDF Format

The first set of award certificate templates has been saved in PDF format. These templates are meant to be printed and filled out by hand. Lines have been included for the award recipient’s name, their accomplishment, the signature, and the date. Click one of the award certificate thumbnails to open the PDF in your browser.

certificate templateprintable award certificate template free award certificate  award certificate template

Award Certificate Templates for Word

This next set of award certificate templates has been saved in Microsoft Word .doc format. These can be directly edited in Microsoft Word.

To download a Word certificate template, click one of the thumbnails below. A dialog box will open, asking you to save the file to your computer. Download the file, and then open it in Microsoft Word. Replace the name “John Smith” with the name of the certificate recipient. If you like, you can also change the “In Recognition of Valuable Contribution” text.

certificate template for word

printable award certificate template for word  award certificate template for word award certificate for word


Blank Award Certificate Templates

This last set contains four blank award certificate templates. Print these if you wish to design the entire award certificate by hand. This may be useful for parents and teachers who want to created a personalized reward.

blank award certificate template free award certificate template free printable award certificate template blank award certificate template



The border and emblem used in these award templates comes from 2 public domain images I found on the British Library’s Photostream on Flickr.


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