Blank Checklist Templates

On this page you’ll find 3 different blank checklist templates, to help you stay on task throughout your busy day. Each one has been saved as a printable PDF, and is free to download.

The first checklist printable contains checkboxes alongside a column of lines for writing. This daily checklist is like an external drive for your brain. Use it to empty all the menial t0-do items you’ve got roaming around in your head. (Things like: Buy new shoe laces. Answer important email etc.)

The next printable checklist PDF is also a daily checklist, but it’s for more constructive  tasks. (Things like: Come up with new marketing strategy for product. Write article for newspaper. Etc.) It contains 6 boxes, one for each major task that needs to be accomplished. Each boxes contain lines, where you can write details about the task.

Finally  there’s a weekly checklist, so you can gain insight into your accomplishments across the entire week.

I hope these graphic organizers will help you boost your productivity! Until next time!

Blank Checklist Templates

Checklist Template
Checklist #1
Task List Template
Checklist #3
Weekly To Do List Template
Checklist #2

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