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Blank Flag Template Printable | Make Your Own Flag

If you could be the king or queen, what would you name your country, and what would your flag look like? If you want to make your own flag, or need to design a flag for a Social Studies or history project, then download one of these free blank flag template printables. Choose from a rectangular flag, a wavy flag, or a flag that’s rippling in the wind. I’ve provided the templates in both black and white and color. If you plan to make a flag out of construction paper, and plan to cut out the flag as a stencil, print one of the black and white flags. If you want to draw your flag directly on the template, print one of the color templates.

 Blank Flag Templates

Downloading Instructions: To download a printable flag, right-click on one of the flag template images and press “Save Link As…” to save a high resolution version of the illustration to your computer. Open it in image viewing program. From there, send it to your printer. Remember to scale the illustration to fit to your printer paper.

Blank Flag Template flag templateflag template printable

flag templates

 Blank Flag Templates

Color Versions

flag banner template blank flagprintable flag templateblank flag template printable

Hopefully these printables helped you with your projects.

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