Playing Cards Template


Do you want to make your own playing cards? Now you can! Just download the blank playing card template PDF below, and start designing. The cards contain all the standard elements of playing cards, such as the numbers and suites. The center area of the cards, however, is left blank, allowing you to draw a picture or place a design. I imagine this template will make a fun arts and crafts projects for kids, teenagers, and any design students looking to gain a bit of practice in their field.

Blank Playing Card Template

Click on the image below to download the complete blank playing card template pdf. The PDF will open in your browser. From there, you can save it to your computer, or send it to your printer.

Playing Card Template
This PDF contains all the images you need to make your own play card deck. 52 cards, 4 jokers, and pattern for the back. Print them out on some sturdy paper and start creating your unique card deck!

If you only need to print one page from the template packet, you can do so here.

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12 thoughts on “Playing Cards Template”

  1. I see the template only includes 8 blue patterns for the back of the cards. How am I supposed to have a pattern for all 54 cards? Thanks!

  2. Rachel Cassells

    Hi Tim

    I am looking for a printable card where I can change the colour of hearts/spades etc, this is for a visually impaired friend who wants them to be in different colours i.e. green & yellow. any advice?

    Many thanks

    1. Tim van de Vall

      Hi Rachel,

      If you have access to Photoshop, you could change the colors by applying a gradient over the images.


  3. I’ve been trying to find out how to create cards on Excel to personalize for my wedding. How did you create these. For the life of me, I’ve been trying to get just the front of the cards onto Excel through open office for the past month! I’d love to be able to make my own, if not can i use these templates and personalize the back for our wedding favors?

    1. Tim van de Vall

      Hi Britny,

      I don’t think Excel is the best program from making cards. I used Adobe Illustrator to create these, and Adobe Photoshop. If you want to find a free image editing program, I recommend searching for a program called Gimp.

  4. Can I use these cards in a game? When it’s done I can send you it. We’ll put your name in the credits for the Card Templates too.

    1. Tim van de Vall

      Hi John,

      Yes if it’s a personal noncommercial game. Not if it’s for commercial use.


  5. How do you align the suit symbols? I’m trying to make a custom theme with custom suits for RPG Maker VX Ace & I’m using a Sword, Shield, Staff & Potion icons for suit symbols but I can’t find a way to align them like regular playing cards. I’m using GIMP to design them & trying to use the grid to find an alignment but it varies from number to number. Any help for this would be greatly appreciated.

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