Blank Postcard Template | Make Your Own Postcard!

If you or your kids want to make your own postcard, print one of these free blank postcard templates to help you get started. For best results, print onto card stock paper or thick construction paper. There are 3 postcard border printables available. Paste in a photo, sketch a scene from your vacation, or draw a cartoon. Or let your kids drawing from their imagination. Beneath the postcard borders, I’ve included a lined  4×6 postcard template outline. This may be useful if you need the postcard dimensions, in order to make your own postcard from scratch.

Blank Postcard Templates

Downloading Instructions: Click on a blank postcard template. The corresponding high res image will open in your browser. Right-click on the picture and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer.

blank postcard template
Here’s the first blank postcard template, with a nice wood border. Sketch a scene from your vacation, fill it with doodles, or draw the person you love.
blank postcard template
This fun postcard border works great as a Winter Holiday or Christmas card.

make your own postcard
This playful postcard border design needs a drawing. What’s it going to be?
postcard dimensions
If you want to make your own postcard from scratch, print this one as a basic template. It measures 4″x6″, which is standard postcard size.
postcard printable
And here’s the back of your postcard, in case you want to print that too.

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