Blank Scroll Templates

A blank scroll template for your creative crafts. Whether you’re drawing a treasure map, creating a banner for a medieval theme party, or writing a cryptogram to a friend, this ancient parchment will make your project look awesome. Best of all, as long as you’re creating something of personal or educational use, it’s completely free. That’s right, lords and ladies, you can hang on to those hard earned coins.

To download the high resolution version of each image, click a scroll drawing below. A large, letter-sized JPEG file will open in your browser. Right-click on it and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer.

Blank Scroll Templates

This blank scroll template would also work great as part of a classroom activity for kids. Have your students write their own adventure story on the scroll template. The paper scroll could also be used to make a map for a birthday party, or a decoration for a Social Studies or History unit.

blank scroll template

This next printable is a black and white version of the color scroll above.

blank scroll template


Finally, here is the most basic scroll template. The sides of this scrolls aren’t tattered like the ones above.

printable scroll template

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