Blank T-Chart Templates | Printable Compare and Contrast Chart PDFs

A t-chart is a simple graphic organizer that allows you to look at the pros and cons of a subject matter. If you need a blank t-chart template to help you make a decision or brainstorm for an essay or school project, take a look at the free printable t-chart templates below.

There are 6 t-charts to choose from, available in both portrait and landscape format. Select the one that works best for you, and come up with a solution to your problem.

Blank T-Chart Templates

Each printable t-chart template has been saved as a PDF for your convenience. To download a template, right-click on the template of your choice and press “Save Link As…” to save the PDF to your computer. These printables were created by Tim van de Vall and are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press LLC. They may be used for personal and educational purposes only. Commercial use is prohibited.

The first three printable t-charts are in portrait format. The first template is entirely blank, with a space for the topic/title, as well as the two subjects for the columns. The second t-chart has the columns labeled “Pros” and “Cons.” The third template is similar to the second, but I have included lines for writing.

T-Chart Template

Blank T-Chart

T-Chart Printable

T Chart Template PDF – Landscape Format

For those of you who prefer a landscape layout, here are the same t-charts in landscape format.

Printable T-ChartBlank T-Chart Template  T-Chart

3 thoughts on “Blank T-Chart Templates | Printable Compare and Contrast Chart PDFs”

  1. Renate Sanders

    Tim, thank you! These are absolutely wonderful!
    Do you happen to have the t-chart with the lines, but without the words pro and con as headers?


  2. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for the resources that are free. I am in my masters program to becoming an elementary teacher and am so thankful for your geometric templates and the graphic organizers. I relly like your site and wish you the best.

    Sincerely Susan W.

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