Blank Timeline Template

On this page you’ll find a set of blank timeline templates that you can print for your school projects and assignments. There are 4 handy templates to pick from. Each printable has been sized to fit onto an 8.5×11 letter piece of paper, at a very large resolution, so the image will look really sharp when you print it. The first template contains a number line and 6 event boxes. Then next one is a basic template with just a number line, giving you more room to write in facts and information. The third blank timeline template has several boxes spread across the chronological line with arrows pointing to them. The last printable is a chronological timeline, where one event leads to another.

Blank Timeline Template

Timeline Template
To complete the timeline, write in your facts in the boxes, and number the timeline with the appropriate dates. Then draw lines from the boxes to the time in the timeline when the event occurred. And if there’s space, include pictures!
Here’s a really simple timeline printable. I’ve purposely left all the space around the timeline blank, so you can draw and write all around it.

Chronological Timeline Printables

blank timeline printable
If you want to make a long timeline, print several of these. Flip every other one upside down and then tape them together.


blank timeline template
Finally, here’s a chronological timeline. Cut out each row and tape them one after the other.


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