Blank To Do List Printable

Stop procrastinating and get things done today! Put down the TV remote, the magazine,  the book, or the Smart Phone. Prioritize and take action! And if you’re having trouble (Don’t worry, you’re not alone) get motivated by completing one of these blank To Do List Printables. By the time you’ve gotten all your plans and goals out of your brain and on to paper, you’ll know that the time to get started is now! In addition to the regular to do list, I’ve also provided a few other printables, including a Things To Do Today Checklist, a Weekly Task List, and a Setting Goals Worksheet.

Blank To Do List Printable – PDF

Downloading Instructions: To download the PDF version of a blank to do list printable, click on the printable image. The PDF version will open in your browser. From there, you can save it to your computer, or send it over to your printer.

blank to do list printable
Blank To Do List Printable: Download this printable if you’ve got a bunch of tasks that have specific deadlines.

Things To Do Today Check List Printable – PDF

things to do today check list printable
Things To Do Today Printable – Print this PDF is you like to check off things after you’ve completed them.

Weekly Task List – PDF

weekly task list printable
Weekly Task List Printable – Want to gain an overview of all your to do’s for the entire week? Print this template.


Task List Printable – PDF

task list printable
Task List Printable – 6 boxes for 6 tasks, and plenty of room for details.


Setting Goals Worksheet

setting goals worksheet
Setting Goals Worksheet – A neat little printable to help you work toward your short, medium, and long term goals.

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