Free Business Organizational Chart Templates for Word and Powerpoint

A business organizational chart, also known as an org chart or and organization chart, is a visual diagram that companies use in order to understand the hierarchal structure of their employees. This allows business owners to see which employees communicate with one another, and whether there is any room for improvement in the corporate structure.

If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, you may wish to create an org chart for your own company. To help you do this, Dutch Renaissance Press has created a free business organizational chart template. For PC users, there is a Microsoft Office Word org chart and a Powerpoint org chart. For Mac users, the template is available for Pages and Keynote. Finally, if you’re a graphic designer familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite, there is an Adobe Illustrator version of the template available as well.

Free Organizational Chart Templates

To download a template, click on the image of the org chart below. You can type directly into the text boxes labeled “Name.” Copy and paste the lines and boxes to change the structure of the chart.

Word Org Chart Template

This organizational chart template was created for Microsoft Office Word 2011.

organizational chart template word

Powerpoint Org Chart Template

This powerpoint org chart was created for Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2011.

powerpoint org chart

Pages Org Chart Template

This organizational chart template was created for Pages.

org chart template

Keynote Org Chart Template

This organizational chart template was created for Keynote.

org chart template

Illustrator Org Chart Template

This organizational chart template was created for Illustrator. Perfect for the creative entrepreneur that’s well-versed in the Adobe Creative Suite.

business organizational chart template

Small Business Tips for Starting a Business

Stay Organized

Starting a business is no simple task. It takes more than just a business plan and a handful of cash to get up and running. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must have a long term vision, and a logical means of achieving it. At the same time, you must remain flexible. Respond appropriately to unanticipated external challenges. Seize opportunities as they cross your path.

Since starting my own business in 2010, I have learned that organization is paramount to running a successful business. When your life is organized, you are able to free up enormous amounts of time. This prevents you from being stressed and overworked. You are able to objectively choose your priorities, and to focus on the objectives that matter, and to ignore the nuisances that don’t.

To Entrepreneurs: It Takes More Than Just an Idea

All of mankind’s achievements were once born as ideas. An idea, therefore, can be a powerful force. Ideas are responsible for the roads you drive on, the cars your drive in, and the destinations your drive to.

But an idea is like an infant: full of enormous potential, but that potential may only be realized through patience, strategic planning, energy, and guidance. Whether you’re building a bridge, writing a novel, raising a family, or bootstrapping a business venture as an entrepreneur, the same principles apply.

First come up with an idea. Then come up with a logical plan to implement the idea. Then maintain the vision and discipline to see it through to the end. That is the recipe for a successful business.

Recommended Reading:

The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin

If you are interested in learning about the inner workings of the brain in relation to organization, time management, and modern technology, I highly recommend reading The Organized Mind by neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. The book explains what physically happens in the human brain when we plan, daydream, make decisions, focus, and get distracted. Furthermore, the work is filled with a bunch of practical tips to help you maintain laser-like focus, despite the bombardment of distractions inherent within the digital age.

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