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If you’re a teacher, and you need a crayon template to decorate your classroom bulletin board or walls, here is a collection of free crayon templates for you to print.

Crayons are iconic of elementary school, learning, and of course, coloring. They’re the drawing tool of choice for kids age 3 to 12, and a staple among school supplies across the United States. Hand a child a pack of crayons and a piece of paper, and you have a happy child, as is evident from all the coloring page place mats found in family restaurants.

Click on the images below to open the PDF versions in your browser. These printables are free for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

Printable Crayon Templates

This first printable contains 10 blank crayons. These can be used for an assortment of school and educational activities. For younger kids learning the colors, you could ask them to write the names of the main colors on the crayon label, and then color them accordingly. Alternatively, you could use these crayons as labels or name tags, and write the name of each of your students on the crayon label.


crayon template

This template is similar to the first, except the word ‘crayon’ has been included on the label.


crayon coloring page



Here is the color version of the above printable. This template includes a red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, pink, brown, black, and white crayon. These may be useful for decorating a bulletin board, or as tokens for a homemade game. They could also be used as counters for math class.


crayon template printable


This printable contains one large blank crayon. This could be used as a name tag for on a desk, or as a hall pass or homework pass.

blank crayon template


Finally, here is a set of 3 large black and white crayons. Your students could color them, and then use them to decorate the classroom.


printable crayon template

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the use of your free templates! Thank you for letting us use them free of charge!

  2. Thank you for these. I am a N.Z teacher and I am going to use them as part of art with “The day the Crayons quit”

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