Free Dolphin Clipart, Printable Coloring Pages, Outline & Silhouette

Free Dolphin Clip art

Dolphins are one of my favorite animals. This is probably because they seem to lead such wonderfully carefree, hedonistic lives. Chances are, your kids also like dolphins. For that reason, I’ve created a set of free dolphin clipart and printable dolphin coloring pages for kids. Each of these images if free for personal and educational use, so you can use them in school projects, homework assignments, and in your own creative art. In addition to the clipart, I’ve also created a simple dolphin paper toy craft, and a dolphin outline and silhouette. I hope you’ll be able to use these images in your artwork!

Free Dolphin Clipart

Dolphin Clipart
Print this cartoon dolphin clipart and add it to your art project or ocean diorama.
Cartoon Dolhpin Clipart
If you want to turn this clipart into a sticker, print it out on one of those Avery label sheets.

Printable Dolphin Coloring Pages for Kids

Dolphin Coloring Page for Kids
Here is a free dolphin coloring page for kids, featuring three friendly dolphins.
Free Dolphin Coloring Page
This second dolphin coloring page would make a great warm up exercise for young students learning about the ocean.

Free Dolphin Craft/Paper Toy

Dolphin Craft for Kids
To make this dolphin craft, print out this image. Then cut and fold the dolphins, and then paste the two sides together. If you want to make the dolphin paper toy sturdier, add a layer of cardboard, or print this out on construction paper.

Dolphin Outline

Dolphin Outline
Perhaps this dolphin outline will be useful for your project.

Dolphin Silhouette

Feel free to add this dolphin silhouette to your art project or diorama.

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