Event Timeline Template

Welcome to Tim’s Printables. If you’re looking for an event timeline template for a Social Studies or History project, here are 4 free event timeline templates for you to print. Write your events in the boxes provided. Record all the pivotal moments in history: The Fall of Rome, the Renaissance, the French Revolution, and the invention of Easy Mac.

These printables have been exported in high res format (3300 pixels by 2550 pixels). That way the picture will be nice and crisp when it’s printed. (Unlike many pictures online which are low res and look fuzzy when you print them.)  To download, click a timeline image. The really large version will open in your browser. Right-click on it and press, “Save Image As…” to save it to your  comp. When printing, be sure to press “Scale to Fit,” so that the printable will fit on your paper.

Event Timeline Templates

event timeline printable
Record each event in a box. If you need more boxes, just print another copy:)
event timeline template
Write dates along the line, and then include the events in the rounded boxes.

Event Timeline Templates w/ Number Lines

timeline download
Place each event in a box, and write a bit about it or draw a picture.
timeline with increments
If you want to get creative, draw your own event boxes!


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