Free Book Cover Template for Kids

Do your kids like to draw? If your children want to draw their own book cover, here’s a free book cover template for kids that you can download. There are two book cover templates to choose from. Teachers and students are also welcome to print this template for school work, book reports and Language Arts projects.

Suggested Activity: Let your child choose their favorite book. Then ask them to draw a new cover for the book with their pencils, crayons or markers. Once they’ve completed their project, ask them to explain their illustration. Why did they choose a particular scene or characters?

If you and your child enjoyed the above activity, feel free to share your drawing with me by sending me an email! I’ll be happy to add your child’s work to this page as an example. Thanks for visiting Tim’s Printables!  – Tim

Free Book Cover Template for Kids

Book Cover Template
Click on the book cover image to open the high resolution version of the picture. Once it loads, right-click on it and press “Save Image As…” to save it to a folder on your computer. JPEG format.


Book Cover Clip Art Image


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