Free Cartoon Shark Clipart for Kids, Shark Outline and Shark Silhouette

Cartoon Shark Clipart

As a child, I loved drawing cartoon sharks and ocean scenes. I think I spend most of second grade doodling underwater battles between divers and sharks. As an adult, I still appreciate the visual richness of the sea. Perhaps your children share my interest in all things nautical, and for that reason I’ve created this set of free cartoon shark clipart for kids. You and your children can use these images for any personal and educational project, including book reports, homework assignments, and school activities.

Free Cartoon Shark Clipart

Shark Clipart
This cheerful shark is scouring the ocean for a tasty morsel. He’ll make a great addition to your science report, art project, or ocean diorama.

Black and White Cartoon Shark Clipart

Black and White Shark Clipart
If you enjoy doing your own coloring, this black and white clipart shark is for you.

Shark Outline Clipart

Shark Outline Clipart
Here is a more realistic shark outline. This clipart would be great as part of a background for a creative project, or as a stencil so you can paint a shark on your wall.


Shark Silhouette Clipart

Shark Silhouette Clipart
This shark silhouette would be much scarier if you saw it while swimming in the ocean.


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