Free Clip Art Borders

Brighten up your writing with a creative page border. Whether you’re a student making a book report, a teacher crafting a lesson plan, or a church volunteer designing a flyer, a template from this unique hand drawn collection of free clip art borders will surely make your work shine!

Free Clip Art Borders for Students and Teachers

To download any of these illustrations, click on the thumbnail image below, which will take you to the post or page that containing the printable. Then click on the image to open a high resolution version, and save it to your computer.

clip art border free clip art border template

page border clip artpage border for teachers

creative page bordersclip art page borders

borderfree clip art border


Unlike much of the content on the internet, which is often copied and borrowed from other sources, each of these clip art borders was hand drawn by me, Tim van de Vall, in order to help students and teachers. I created each of these page borders from scratch, starting with a sketch, and then outlining and coloring it with Adobe Photoshop. They are free to use for personal and educational purposes, but not for commercial use. If you would like to use them for a commercial endeavor, please contact me. Finally, if you would like to share any of this work online, you are free to do so, as long as you include link back to this webpage, which is the original source.

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