Free Flow Chart Maker for Business Process Management – Word Template

The purpose of business process management is to optimize the actions within a company in order to maximize profits and efficiency. One of the best ways to visualize these processes is by mapping them using a flow chart. If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner, it may be useful to make your own company flow chart. To help you do this, in this article we are providing you with a free flow chart maker.

Free Flow Chart Maker / Flow Chart Template

While there are many commercial flow chart software programs available, most of them are expensive, and may contain features that extend far beyond your needs. Perhaps a simpler solution will be far more effective. For that reason, Dutch Renaissance Press has created a set of free flow chart makers / flow chart templates. There’s no need to download any new software. This flow chart maker has been created as a template for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Mac Pages, Keynote, and Adobe Illustrator.

In order to use the flow chart maker, download the version for the software of your choice. You can download any of the files by clicking on the images below.

The flow chart maker provides you will several flow chart symbols. Copy and paste the ones you need, as well as any arrows and lines that extend between the symbols. Type your text in the text boxes that sit on top of the symbols. These too can be copied and pasted.

Further down the page, you will find a flow chart example created using one of these templates. There is also an Adobe Illustrator document providing different symbol styles, and flow chart symbol definitions to help you learn what function each of the symbols represents.

Flow Chart Maker for Word

Here is the flow chart template for Microsoft Word 2011. It has been saved as .doc file.

flow chart maker

Flow Chart Maker for Powerpoint

Here is the flow chart template for Microsoft Powerpoint 2011. It has been saved as .ppt file.

business process management

Flow Chart Maker for Pages

Here is the flow chart template for Mac Pages. It has been saved as .pages file.


free flow chart template


Flow Chart Maker for Keynote

Here is the flow chart template for Mac Keynote. It has been saved as .key file.

business process management

Flow Chart Maker for Adobe Illustrator

Here is the flow chart template for Adobe Illustrator. It has been saved as .ai file for Illustrator 10 and above. The file has been zipped, so you will need to unzip it first.

flowchart template

Flow Chart Symbols / Shapes

Below is an image showing several common flow chart symbols and shapes. To download the vector/Adobe Illustrator AI file of these shapes, click the image below.

flow chart symbols

Each of the flow chart symbols has a unique function in a business process management flow chart.
Start/End: This symbol stands for the starting or ending point of a system.
Process: Also known as task, action, or operation, this rectangle is the most common shape in a flow chart.
Decision: When a question arises in the flow chart, this diamond symbol is used. The answer to the question determines the path that is followed.
Inspection: This circle symbol represents the point of inspection in a process. If the inspection is passed, the process continues.
Delay: A delay stands for a waiting period in the flow chart.
Document: When a document needs to be produced, place this symbol in the flow chart.
Input/Output: The parallelogram shape is used to when there is an input or an output in the system.
There are many more flow chart symbols and shapes, but these are the basic ones. With these, you’ll be able to make a simple flow chart for a school assignment, business presentation, or personal project.

Flow Chart Example

To show you a simple flow chart example, here is a flow chart of a regular morning routine.

flow chart example

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