Free Jeopardy Template – Make Your Own Jeopardy Game

Host your very own Jeopardy game using these free Jeopardy templates. Come up with your own jeopardy game questions. Fill the shoes of Alex Trebek, and quiz your friends, family, coworkers or classmates.

With these printable jeopardy game boards, you’ll be able to turn any occasion in to a game show. Use them for classroom presentations, fundraising events, work activities, and church get togethers, and see how sharp your peers really are.

To download any of these printables, click the images below. A larger version of the picture will open in your browser. Right-click on the image and press “Save image as…” to save it to your computer. To fit any of these printables to a letter-sized 8.5”x11” sheet, press “scale to fit” in your printer settings.

If you wish to use these jeopardy templates in a Powerpoint Slideshow, simply place the images on your slide. Use invisible buttons to link the questions to the Jeopardy game board.

Free Jeopardy Template

This printable is the main Jeopardy game board. Write your game categories in the boxes at the top. After your game contestants have answered a specific question, cross through that box so you know which questions have already been asked.

jeopardy template

Blank Jeopardy Template

Next we have a blank Jeopardy Template. If you print a large version of this, you could write your questions right in the boxes. Then cut out the boxes from the first template above. Using some tape or sticky tac, place the money value boxes over the questions to create your game board.

blank jeopardy template

Jeopardy Game Template

Last but not least, we have a Jeopardy game card template. Print several copies of this template, and write your questions on them. If you’re using a program such as Powerpoint, you can type write right over it. You could also place the image in a text editor and set it as your background.

jeopardy question template

Jeopardy Templates – Black and White

Here are black and white versions of the Jeopardy templates. Print these and save yourself a bunch of blue ink. These are also easier to write on if you’re making writing your questions by hand.

free jeopardy template
blank jeopardy game question

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