Free postcard templates | Blank printable postcards

When you’re on vacation, sometimes it’s nice to send your family or friends a personalized custom postcard. You could draw a picture of a place you just visited, or glue in a selfie of you on the beach. Either way, a postcard template would be handy, and that’s exactly what’s available right here, free of charge. That’s right, if you’re using these printable post card templates for personal or educational use, they are completely free. There are three creative templates to choose from in addition to a standard blank post card template front and back.

Free Postcard Templates

In order to download any of these templates, simply click on the images below to open up a high resolution jpeg of the postcard template. From there, right click on the image and press “Save As” to save it to your computer. Each of these template jpegs has a resolution of 1500 pixels by 1159 pixels, so they’ll look great when your print them out. One final note: If you’re printing the postcard back on the same sheet as the front, the way to manually print duplex correctly is by turning the paper upside down and backwards. Best of luck, and enjoy your vacation!

Free postcard templates
This first free postcard template has a simple wood border. This would look great for a sketch of a beach scene, or a photograph of you and a loved one against the setting sun. It could also be used for non-vacation purposes, such as school activities, art projects for kids, or a letter to a pen pal.
Free Postcard Templates
The second printable postcard template has a bit of a festive look to it. It would be great for a Christmas or holiday card.

Printable Postcard Template
Here’s an abstract postcard template. These playful colored circles would be great for a party invitation, a lighthearted thank you note, or a postcard to a child.
Printable Postcard templates
This is your standard postcard template. Not terribly exciting, but it is practical and useful, since it precisely measures 4″ x 6,” the standard size for a post card.
Blank Postcard Templates
Here’s the back of the postcard, complete with a place to write a note, a place to put your stamp, and a place to write the address.

7 thoughts on “Free postcard templates | Blank printable postcards”

  1. Is there some way that I can put a picture for the holidays on the post card. I do not want to change the border I just want to put a picture on it.

    1. Tim van de Vall

      The printable is not editable online. You could edit it with image editing software.

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