Free Printable Admit One Ticket Templates – Blank Downloadable PDFs

Free Printable Admit One Ticket Template

Whenever you’re hosting a sports event, movie screening, theatrical play, or outdoor concert, it’s important to know that the guests arriving at the entrance were actually invited and aren’t crashing the party. Admit One tickets are a sure way to keep out those pesky intruders. Hand them out to your guests and friends ahead of time. Then, as people arrive at the gates of the event, grant admission to those with Admit One ticket invitations. Those who don’t have ‘em? Hit the road!

Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web, you don’t even have to run to Office Depot to buy Admit One tickets. Yep, you can skip the road trip, and download a set of free Admit One tickets for right on this webpage. Each printable Admit One ticket template freebie comes with 40 tickets. There are four different color templates to choose from: standard black and white, gold, blue, and red. Additionally, there is a blank ticket template so you write or print your own text and designs on it. Finally, if none of these tickets are the color you’re looking for, you could also print the black and white Admit One ticket invitations on color paper.

These printable Admit One ticket templates were created in Adobe Illustrator. This means that they are vector files and can scale to any size. They have been saved as PDFs for your convenience. No need to open them in MS Word or Photoshop; all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In order to save these printables to your computer, click on the template image below. This will open the pdf version of the ticket in your browser. Note: In Mozilla Firefox, the PDF viewer may have a bug that shifts the entire contents of the pdf to the right about 1 inch. While this may look like an error in the actual pdf document, this is not the case. If you save the PDF to your computer, the pdf should open fine in Acrobat. It also looks fine in the pdf viewer of Google Chrome and Safari.

Finally, if you found these free printable tickets useful, please leave a comment at the bottom of the post telling me how you used them. I’m always curious to see the creative projects people are working on. Thanks!

Free Printable Admit One Ticket Templates

Free Printable Admit One Ticket Templates
These Admit One Tickets are great for parties and events. If you need numbered tickets, use the space on the right of the ticket to add numbers. PDF format.
Gold Admit One Ticket Templates
The same tickets as above, only yellow. PDF format.
Free Admit One Tickets
The same printable admit one tickets as above, but in red. PDF format.


Admit One Tickets
Identical to the other free tickets above. PDF format.


Blank Admit One Ticket Templates
Here’s a set of 40 blank printable ticket templates. Use these to write in your own unique text. PDF format.

Can’t view the template? Maybe you need a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can get it for free from the official Adobe Site.

These printable admit one tickets were created by Tim van de Vall and are copyright 2013 Dutch Renaissance Press. They may be used for personal/educational use only. Commercial use prohibited.

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