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Here’s a collection of free tri fold brochure templates. These tri fold brochure templates are a bit more creative than your average template, making them ideal for teachers, parents, students and kids. Feel free to use them for book reports, school projects, church events, and creative activities for kids. Each of the printable templates can be used to make a brochure by hand, or as a background to print text on. Since these templates are saved as jpegs, you can also use them in Abode Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Indesign. Either way, you’ll surely end up with a great looking product that will impress those whom you share it with. These printables are free for personal and educational use only. If you’d like to use them for commercial purposes, please contact me.
All the tri fold templates below have been saved as high resolution jpegs. Click on the images below in order to open the high quality version of each picture. Right click and press “Save As” to save the image to your computer.

The first template here has a cartoon wood border. The image above is for the outside of the tri fold brochure. The right column is the front of the brochure. The middle column is the back of the brochure, and the left column is the outside of the right wing of the brochure.

free tri fold brochure templates


The second printable template is for the interior of the cartoon wood brochure. While there are no visible divisions now, when you fold the brochure page into thirds, the interior divisions will become apparent. In order to print the first and second template on the same page, you will either need a duplex printer or manually turn the page yourself. If you’re printing manually, turn the paper upside-down and backwards in order to print accurately on the second side. This template can also be used as a border for a flyer.

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The third template below is made of a simple red and white square patterned border. It has a bit of a festive feel for it, so it could be used for a Christmas brochure.

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free tri fold brochure templates


The final set of templates has a border made of multi-colored circles. This template is great for brochures or flyers for parties and fun events. free tri fold brochure templates

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