Free word balloons for teachers and parents

Free Speech Bubbles

If you’re a teacher or a parent who wants to make comics with your kids, here’s a set of free word balloons that you can download. You can print these word balloons, or use them right on the computer. If you plan on printing the balloons so that the kids write in them, there are 21 png files that you can print out. Enjoy!


Included in the Speech Bubble Pack:

1 Abode Illustrator file containing all the speech bubbles (Illustrator 10 and above)
1 EPS file containing all the speech bubbles (For other vector programs)
21 Speech bubble pngs
1 Speech Bubble Pack overview sheet
1 Creative Common Attribution License (In case you’re wondering what you can and can’t do with this speech bubble pack.)


Speech Bubble Pack Overview

Mini FAQ

How can I use this Speech Bubble Pack?

By far the best way to use this speech bubble pack is with Adobe Illustrator. In the Adobe Illustrator file I’ve included in the download, you’ll find that all the word balloons are also available as symbols in the symbol library. This means that you can open up your comic strip or image and drag the speech bubble you want right into your image. Furthermore, in Illustrator you can right click and press “Break Link to Symbol” in order to edit the individual vector points of each of the speech bubbles, allowing your you make changes to the speech bubbles.

But what if I don’t have Abode Illustrator…

If you’re using a vector editing program other than Adobe Illustrator, you can open the EPS file that’s also included in the download. If you prefer using images rather than vectors, I’ve also included PNGs of each of the word balloons that you can place directly into your document if you’re using Photoshop or another image editing software.

What am I allowed to do with this Speech Bubble Pack?

Almost anything, since this work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. You can use these word balloons for your comic strips, children’s books, illustrations and other images. I only ask that you attribute my name, Tim van de Vakk, and a link to Creating Comics:

Ok. What am I NOT allowed to do with this Speech Bubble Pack?

Under absolutely no circumstances may you take this comic book template and resell it, or make a derivative speech bubble template and sell that. That would be very sleazy, especially considering I’m giving it away for free. If you’re selling a comic strip or other work of art that is using these speech bubbles as part of the art, that’s perfectly fine. If in doubt, please feel free to contact me.

I have another question…

Awesome. I’d love to hear it. Please contact me.




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