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Free Printable Grocery List Template & Grocery Checklist PDF

A little bit of preparation goes a long way. Get your grocery shopping trip organized with these four printable templates, including a grocery list template, weekly grocery list, grocery list by category, and a grocery checklist.

Without a grocery list on hand, I am a remarkably poor grocery shopper. If I don’t plan what I need ahead of time, I find that shopping at the supermarket can actually be stressful. There are too many choices, and without knowing exactly what I need, I find myself bouncing from aisle to aisle. Then, once I’m home and unpacked every thing, I almost always discover there’s an item I’ve forgotten.

But not anymore, friends, thanks to my latest printable! Download one of these free printable grocery list templates, and you’ll always be prepared. Forget making a list on your smart phone, some things are simply easier on paper. With one of these grocery lists in your hand, you’ll zip through the supermarket like a lightning bolt on steroids. Other shoppers will spin into a whirl as you fly by, like you see in the cartoons. Check! Check! Check! and done! In the car, throw the cart in its slender parking space, and you’re home free, without missing a single thing you need.


Grocery List Template

This first grocery list template has been grouped by mealtimes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and my favorite meal since preschool: snack time.

Grocery List Template
Grocery List Template – Black and White
Free Printable Grocery List
Grocery List Template – Color


Printable Weekly Grocery List

Print the weekly grocery list if you like to organize your shopping by days, great if you know what meals you’re making on each day.

weekly grocery list
Weekly Grocery List – Black and White
Grocery Shopping List Template
Weekly Grocery List – Colors



Printable Grocery List by Category

Next we have a printable grocery list by category: meat, dairy, produce, pantry, beverages, household and other.

Printable Grocery List Template
Grocery List by Category – Black and White
Printable Grocery List
Grocery List by Category – Color


Grocery Checklist

Finally, we have a regular grocery checklist. No categories or groups, just a simple series of lines and check boxes.

Blank Grocery List Template
Standard Grocery List – Black and White
Blank Grocery List
Standard Grocery List – Color


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