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Ishikawa Diagram Template & Ishikawa Diagram Example

Ishikawa Diagram Template

An Ishikawa Diagram template, also known as as a Fishikawa Diagram or herringbone diagram, may help your business understand the cause and effect relationship between regular business operations and a certain outcome. The Ishikawa Diagram was originally created by organizational theorist Kaoru Ishikawa in the 1960s. While this causal diagram is usually completed in order to discover the cause of product error or malfunction, the chart may also be utilized to understand the nature of a positive event or outcome.

If you need a blank Ishikawa Diagram for your business, download one of the printable Ishikawa Diagram templates below. I have also included a Ishikawa Diagram example as a reference. They are free for personal and educational purposes, and may also be used for internal business use. (Commerical use, however, is strictly prohibited.) Each Ishikawa Chart has been saved as a PDF for your convenience. Click on a blank Ishikawa Diagram to open the corresponding PDF in your browser.

Ishikawa Diagram Example

To help you complete your own Ishikawa diagram, I have provided an Ishikawa diagram example, which show the reasons for a missed deadline. The sheet contains six main groups, or causes: People, Method, Measurement, Machine, Environment and Materials. Under each main cause are specific instances of errors that lead to the overall unwanted effect. Of course, the 6 categories don’t have to be the ones shown. Another diagram with different cause categories has been included further down the page, as well as a diagram where the categories are left blank, allowing you to come up with your own main causes.

ishikawa diagram example

Blank Ishikawa Diagram Templates

This blank Ishikawa Diagram contains the standard categories/causes: Equipment, Process, People, Materials, Environment, and Management.

Ishikawa Diagram

For the next template, the categories have been changed to: People, Method, Measurement, Machine, Environment, and Materials.

Ishikawa Diagram Template

Ishikawa Diagram Template

Cause and Effect Worksheet

ishikawa template

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