Key Templates

There’s something mysterious about keys. Keys open doors, and it takes the right one to find out what’s behind the door. For a child, a key can unlock the doors to their imagination. And with these free printable key templates, you can help the discover all the mysterious realms within their minds.

If you’re a parent or teacher, print one of these key templates and hand it to your child as a creativity exercise. First let them color the key. Then ask them to draw the door that the key belongs to. Finally, have them write a paragraph that explains what’s behind the door.

Click on a template thumbnail image below to open the PDF version in your browser.

key templates

Key Templates

In addition to the worksheet above, I’ve provided key templates of 3 different keys. This first printable provides a larger version of the key from the worksheet above. This may be useful as a coloring page, or as part of a classroom decoration for a bulletin board.

key template

Here is a template for a house key.

key template printable



And last but not least, here is a wonky key that may be used to unlock a treasure chest or some mysterious object.

printable key template



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  1. Carolyn Johnson

    I am a kindergarten teacher and would like access to free printable for the children. It is so hard to receive free printable, so much to do almost give up because no time.

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