Make Your Own Timeline Worksheet for Kids | Timeline Template

Make your own timeline by printing one of these free templates. If you want to create a fun autobiographical infographic of your own life, you can begin by downloading one of the four timeline graphic organizers below. Write your own history. Will the events you put down about your life be truthful? Or will you turn your life into a tall tale?

Why not embellish your autobiography a bit? What did you do in 1997? In 1998 you conquered Mars. Then in 1998, you went back in time and hunted a Tyrannosaurus Rex, accidentally stepped on a butterfly, and altered the entire course of human nature. And in the year 2000, you used exponential assembly to build an army of nanobots you could control with your mind. And they would fly around you and you could order them to move things in your environment, so people thought you had the Force like in Star Wars. Yeah, that was a cool year.

Each template if free for personal and educational purposes. There are four versions of the “Make Your Own Timeline” worksheet available. Click on your favorite one. A high resolution PNG version of the biography timeline template will open in your browser. Right-click on it and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer. Then open it in an image viewing program.

Make Your Own Timeline Worksheets

timeline worksheet printable
A perfect starter template to help you make your own timeline.
make your own timeline
If you can sum up your life in 6 boxes, print one copy of this. If not, print two.
free timeline template
A similar concept to the previous template, but with more boxes.
make your own timeline
If you’re more interesting in chronology than mentioning specific dates, this template could be useful.

Worksheet Information

Title: Make Your Own Timeline Worksheet
Grade Level: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College.
Audience: Students, Teachers, Homeschooling Parents
Subject Areas: History, Social Studies, World History, European History
Relevant Projects: Book Reports, Social Studies Fair, Biography Reports, About Me Projects
Format: PNG, (3300 pixels x 2550 pixels)
Terms: Free for personal and educational use. Commercial Use prohibited.
Copyright: Dutch Renaissance Press LLC

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