Paper Tie Templates for Kids

Get dressed up on a budget of $0 with these classy paper tie templates for kids. Print out the tie of your choice, and pin it to your shirt for a super-easy costume for a school play or party. Using one of these ties for a job interview is not recommended.

To download one of the tie templates, right-click on the tie template image. Then press “Save Link As…” to save a high resolution version of the tie template to your computer. If you want your tie to be durable, print it on cardstock paper. These printables are free for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

Paper Tie Templates

For starters, here’s a simple black and white paper tie outline. Download this template if you want to design your own super-cool tie design.


Tie Template

Next down the line, here’s a black and white striped tie. It would be elegant, if it wasn’t, you know, made out of paper.

Paper Tie

Download this tie if you’re in the Christmas spirit, and want to look like a candy cane.

Printable Tie Template

This, ladies and gentleman is a power tie. Nothing emanates powerful businessman like a blue paper tie, that’s been cut out with plastic scissors. Tie Printable

Polka dot ties can be fun, but they’re inappropriate at funerals. Actually, most handmade paper ties are. Tie Printable Template  A green tie template. Wear this paper tie, and people will think you’re wealthy. In the USA anyway. Not in Europe, since there the color of the currency varies. Tie Template Printable

And now for the last of today’s free printable tie templates: The red tie. After you’ve cut it out, roll it up, and then let it unroll. Then you’ll look like Dilbert. Tie Templates

Each of these tie templates was created by Tim van de Vall. They are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press LLC. They may be downloaded and printed for personal and educational purposes only. Commercial use is prohibited.


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