Plot Diagram Graphic Organizers – Printable Graphic Organizer Pdfs

Here’s a collection of free plot diagram graphic organizers for storytellers, students, and aspiring authors. The purpose of a plot diagram graphic organizer is to show the overarching structure of a plot. The elements of the graphic organizer are exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion. Below you will find two printable pdfs. Click on the images below to open up the pdfs in your browser.  The first pdf is a blank plot diagram graphic organizer for students to complete. The second pdf has the story elements included in the plot diagram.

Printable Plot Diagram Worksheet

Plot Diagram Graphic Organizer

Plot Diagram Graphic Organizer

What is a plot diagram graphic organizer?

A plot diagram graphic organizer shows a clear overview of a story’s structure. By completing a plot diagram, an author can easily uncover plot holes and errors in their story. The plot diagram may also help a writer arrange scenes in a logical order.

Literary Terms

Exposition:  The story’s beginning. The exposition is where a writer sets up main characters, key settings and initial conflicts.

Rising Action: The story begins to move along in the rising action. As the story progresses, the stakes for the main character keep growing larger and larger.

Climax: The climax is the top peak of the story, the moment when mysteries are uncovered and the main conflict is overcome.

Falling Action: During the falling action, any loose ends left in the story are usually tied up. Characters return sometimes return to their homes, or prepare for a new adventure.

Resolution: The end of the story. Everything is wrapped up, and the world is at peace.

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