Printable Blank Bingo Cards for Teachers

Bingo-loving teachers rejoice! Your weary days of drawing up new Bingo cards from scratch are over, thanks to this set of new and handy printable blank bingo cards for teachers! Best of all, these bingo game cards are yours for FREE! Yes, completely free, and mine to give away, since I took the time to make them. All that’s left for your to do is fill in the numbers.

But do you know how the numbers go? You can’t just write in any random numbers. The B column must contain a number between 1-15.  The I column must holds a number from 16-30. The N column need a number between 31-45. The G column requires a number between 45-60. Finally, the O column must have a number between 61-75.

So if you’re ever playing Bingo, and you get a card with numbers like B74, I2, N31,G16, and O45, you’d best request a new card. Otherwise your chances of winning will be very slim.

Printable Blank Bingo Cards for Teachers

Our first printable is just a simple blank bingo card, as suggested by the title of this webpage. With this template, you can come up with some pretty creative Bingo games. After all, you don’t have to put numbers in the slots. You could put images, or words, or multiplication problems.

To download your bingo card printable, click the bingo template image below. The high resolution version of the picture will open in your browser. Right-click on the bingo card and press, “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer.

Printable Blank Bingo Cards for Teachers
Printable Blank Bingo Cards for Teachers

Next, here’s a free set of complete Bingo Cards, saved together in one convenient PDF file. The PDF contains 12 cards. I made these a while back and figured it made sense to post them here.

free bingo cards
12 cards for 12 players. If need more cards, you can make them using the first template.

That’s all, folks! Have a great day, and I hope to see you again soon!


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