Printable Graphic Organizers and Brainstorming Charts

On this page you will find a collection of printable graphic organizers and brainstorming charts. These organizers have a wide range of uses, and may be useful for creative projects. These charts are especially useful for writers. I personally use these charts to brainstorm ideas, plan websites, come up with characters for stories, and the plots for the stories I write.

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Printable Graphic Organizers

Printable Graphic Organizers Printable Graphic Organizers Printable Graphic Organizers
Printable Graphic Organizers Printable Graphic OrganizerPrintable Graphic Organizer
Printable Graphic Organizers Printable Graphic OrganizersPrintable Graphic Organizers

Ways a Writer May Use a Graphic Organizer

You can use these graphic organizers to:

1. Analyze the plot of a book.
2. Gain an overview of characters in a book.
3. Come up with new scenes for a story.
4. Discover character traits for your characters.
5. Figure out how to layout a website.
6. Come up with new places for a story’s setting.
7. Layout the structure of a book or story.
8. Come up with themes in your story.
9. Identify flaws in an existing plot.
10. Figure out where to add literary elements such as symbolism.

Chronological Graphic Organizer

Here is one more graphic organizer. It’s a bit different than the ones above because it’s chronological. This will be especially helpful when coming up with a storyline.

Chronological Flow Chart

Chronological Flow Chart

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